University "Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov"


In the last 50 years University "Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov" has grown into a modern university structure. The first step towards this structure was the adherence to the Magna Charta of European universities as early as 1988. Besides the faculties of Organic and Inorganic Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, the following new faculties were developed - Business and Humanities, Faculty of Pedagogy, the College of Tourism and the Medical College.



The University has a considerable scientific potential: 150 of its 350 lecturers have the academic ranks "Professor" or "Associate Professor", 70 others have PhDs. Their experience has found manifestation in about 150 monographs and textbooks and 6000 scientific publications in the country and abroad. This fact is worthy of admiration because the prestige of a university is mainly due to the research work carried out there. The university academic body has also greatly contributed to the success of European Community financed programs, such as TEMPUS, COST, PHARE. Fruitful cooperation has also been established with institutes and universities in the country and abroad - Russia, Great Britain, France, Germany, USA, etc.



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