7th meeting of the QSAR Toolbox management group and beta-testing of QSAR Toolbox version 3.0

April 18-19, 2012


The meeting and beta-test sessions of the QSAR Toolbox management group aim at facilitating Phase II of the development of QSAR Toolbox.  


During the meeting in April 2012, OECD member state representatives were introduced to new QSAR Toolbox 3.0 functionalities in a hands-on training session.


The QSAR Toolbox is a software for grouping chemicals into categories and filling gaps in (eco-)toxicity data needed for assessing the hazards of chemicals.


New features of QSAR Toolbox 3.0: 


      Inclusion of additional data sources
      Advanced search engine
      New profiling schemes
      Qunatitative mixture toxicity prediction
      Tautometic set prediction

      Prediction accounting for metabolism

      New transformation simulators

      Enhanced reporting engine