December, 2013

CATALOGIC 5.11.13 (December, 2013) is available for download.



Model/software updates included in CATALOGIC 5.11.13:



  • Transformation table updates -  CATALOGIC 301C v.07.10; CATALOGIC Kinetic 301B v.02.07; CATALOGIC Kinetic 301F v.10.13 models.


  • Traning set and domain updates - CATALOGIC Kinetic 301F v.10.13 model. 


  • Updates of QMRFs of CATALOGIC models; button for quick access to QMFRs added.


  • Metabolite generation options of biodegradation models set to "transformation"; probability threshold controlling generation of metabolite levels set to 1.00E-003.  For more details refer to the "What is new" file/button of each model.


  • CATALOGIC 5.11.13 is compatible with QSAR Toolbox 3.2.  Installation of both QSAR Toolbox 3.2, available at, and CATALOGIC 5.11.13 is required in order to use their docking functionalities. 



 Download CATALOGIC 5.11.13