Software suite for assessment of environmental fate and ecotoxicity endpoints

The CATALOGIC software suite is a platform for models and databases related to the environment fate of chemicals such as abiotic and biotic degradation, bioaccumulation and acute aquatic toxicity. The system includes management of endpoint and metabolic orientated data, single and batch run of models, prediction of acute aquatic toxicity of selected metabolites, searching engine for chemicals with experimental data and/or observed metabolism, non-linear statistical modeling, and interactive help functionality. Some of the new important functionalities in the system are related to estimation of the metabolic similarity between chemicals taking into account different similarity criteria; providing theoretical and/or experimental support to the adequacy of the simulated metabolic pathways/metabolites; grouping of chemicals, etc.


CATALOGIC is a Windows based system running on Windows (XP and above: 7, Vista, 8, 10)


Full specification of the included models can be found in this document.



Video clips demonstrating the main functionalities and features available in CATALOGIC:
















Environmental fate and ecotoxicity models