SOLUTIONS for present and future emerging pollutants in land and water reasources management


The overall goal of the FP7 Integrated Project SOLUTIONS is to produce consistent solutions for the large number of legacy, present and future chemicals posing a risk to European water resources with respect to ecosystems and human health.


To this end, SOLUTIONS:

• develops a consistent conceptual framework for the assessment, prioritization and abatement of pollutants and mixtures thereof to protect European water resources and to minimize ecological and human health risks.

• delivers efficient tools for the identification of substances and mixtures posing risks by developing a new generation of monitoring approaches and tools for the early detection and identification of harmful substances. At the same time SOLUTIONS provides improved understanding and capacity for exposure, effect and risk modelling compiling a full chain of conceptually integrated models and databases accessible via a user-friendly computer tool to support decisions in environmental and water policies.

• demonstrates the added value of the new generation of tools in trans-European case studies in the Danube, Rhine, and rivers of the Iberian peninsula with links to existing monitoring programs such as the Joint Danube Survey.





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