Simulation of chemical metabolism for fate and hazard assessment. I. Approach for simulating metabolism.

SAR and QSAR in Environmental Research Volume 22, Issue 7-8, 699-718, 2011

Information regarding the metabolism of xenobiotic chemicals plays a central role in regulatory risk assessments. In regulatory programmes where metabolism studies are required, the studies of metabolic pathways are often incomplete and the identification of activated metabolites and important degradation products are limited by analytical methods. Because so many more new chemicals are being produced than can be assessed for potential hazards, setting assessment priorities among the thousands of untested chemicals requires methods for predictive hazard identification which can be derived directly from chemical structure and their likely metabolites. In a series of papers we are sharing our experience in the computerized management of metabolic data and the development of simulators of metabolism for predicting the environmental fate and (eco)toxicity of chemicals. The first paper of the series presents a knowledge-based formalism for the computer simulation of non-intermediary metabolism for untested chemicals, with an emphasis on qualitative and quantitative aspects of modelling metabolism.


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